Many leaders in the body of Christ are looking for a company of like-hearted people they can relate and identify with. Heritage International Ministries offers leaders three different ways to network with us to strengthen their ministries, families, business', and personal development.


This is a colleague level of relationship where ministry gifts and leaders are getting to know us and are affiliated with us through fellowship but there are no expectations, financially, or of accountability. This level is for prayer, sharing of ideas, networking resources, and strengthening each other through mutual encouragement and support of each other's dreams and visions.


This is a partnership level, where the minister or ministry desires to identify with H.I.M. and the executive team and desires licensing or ordination and accountability. One can then expect ministry visits by members of the H.I.M. team when requested and at least a regular financial commitment and attendance when possible at network conferences and gatherings.


This is a covenant level of relationship for H.I.M. ordained ministers and churches. There is a mutual accountability, commitment, and support of H.I.M. and the team, as well as agreement of purpose and mission. This relationship is the deepest because we have chosen to live as a family and community. Some as fathers and mothers, some as sons and daughters, and some as brothers and sisters, to come together and set aside our agendas, titles, and independent natures to be transparent, truthful, touchable, and teachable. This is where we are more concerned about who you are than what you are doing and desire to help you become more like Christ and bear fruit that will remain. As family everyone is expected to pitch in prayerfully, financially, and with their time and resources to build a legacy and release an inheritance to the next generation. Churches and ministries that connect at this level, we believe will give offerings not because they have to, or are required to, but will want to cheerfully with a heart of love. Whenever there is true fellowship (koinonia) coin will follow.

Purpose & Passion

Our DREAM (purpose) is to help sons and daughters find their dream and fulfill it by serving the destiny of those relationships we are stewarding.

• To strengthen, encourage, and believe in the uniqueness of every ministry gift and son and daughter of the Kingdom. To celebrate each individual and not try to CONFORM them to be like others, but CONFIRM them to be who God designed them to be.

• To become a model of New Covenant Christianity and fellowship that lives to establish Kingdom relationships by linking generations, so that every generation would go further and be more blessed because of the inheritance and shoulders they are standing on.

Our THEME  (passion) is to raise up son's and daughter's in the body of Christ and to equip them and send them into every sphere of our culture.

• To share giftings, resources, and influence to help raise up churches, ministries, business' and leaders, nationally and internationally, through the networking of like-minded and hearted individuals who desire to see the Kingdom of God strengthened, increased, and established in every region of the earth.

• To network with others realizing that we are only a stream or tribe in the body of Christ and that we all need each other to fulfill the purpose of God in our generation.

• To be an apostolic safe place to align relationally for leaders in every sphere of society, through the bonds of love, service and mutual submission, without control or manipulation


The Safe Place : Rev. Nathan Blouse - Denton, TX

 Freedom Church : Pastor David Zarate - Spur, TX

True Vine Church : Pastor John Scott - Piqua, OH

Pulse Church : Pastor Justin Knapp - Colorado Springs, CO

Emerge school & Ministries, Woodland Park, Co : Rev. Schlyce Jimenez

Cornerstone Church : Pastor Channock Banet - Floyds Knobs, IN

Believers Christian Church : Pastor Phil McKinney - Eagle, MI

Apex Christian Alliance : Apostle Dan Dyer - Dugger, IN

Vertical Encounter Church : Pastor Gayle Brannan - Detroit, Mi

Hand of God Ministries : Pastor Le' Bailey - Flint, MI

Global Ventures : Evangelist John Smithwyck, Tulsa, OK

Lynn Hiles Ministries : Dr. Lynn Hiles, Berkley Springs, WV

Sound of Awakening Ministries : Rev. Jeff Turner - Port Huron, Mi

The Exchange Church : Pastor Jarrod Brooks - Humble, TX

Morningstar Ministries : Pastor Dan Mikel - Rossville, IL

New Beginnings Church : Pastor Steve McCann - Charleston, IL

Restored Life Church : Pastor Tom Shannon - Lapeer, MI

A.R.M. : Apostle Bob Hauselman - Sellersburg, IN

Redeeming Grace Church : Pastor Tim Markham - Traverse City, MI

Divine Works Ministries : Pastor Marcus Leslie - Lansing, MI

Rhema Church : Pastor Dwayne Merritt -  Detroit, MI

Open Range Cowboy Church : Pastor Richie Johnson -  Krum, TX

The Place : Pastor Zane Lewis II -  Kingsland, TX

Grace Life Church : Pastor Jamie Wright - Hurricane, WV

New Creation Church : Pastor Michael Porter - Lauringburg, NC

True Life Worship : Pastor Reuben Garcia - Clio, MI